Let’s Raise Funds to Help Baduy Fire Victims

Journalist representatives who served in Banten raised funds to help relieve the people of the Outer Badui tribe who were victims of the fire on Thursday (12/09/2019).

For those who want to donate to the Bedouin community in Leuwidamar, Lebak Regency, Banten, can send assistance to Bank Mandiri on behalf of Yandhi Deslatama, account number 163-000-122-0329. Of course, after the transfer must confirm to the number concerned at 082122370115. Confirmation is a form of responsibility for raising funds to the public.

“Insha Allah we will distribute it to the Bedouin community affected by the fire victims yesterday. Whatever the value, of course, ease the freedom of others,” said Yandhi, one of the journalist representatives in Banten, Friday (09/13/2019).

This assistance is certainly very useful for Bedouin residents. Because they have been maintaining the balance of nature, they live from nature without damaging the ecosystem. It is undoubtedly a shared responsibility to preserve nature and help others.

“Those who are Bedouin citizens always preserve nature, damaging nature, and not daring them. It is appropriate that we help,” he said.

Previously it was reported that around 40 houses and dozens of rice barns Bedouin residents burned on Thursday, September 12, 2019. As a result, they lost their homes and had to hitchhike to the homes of neighbors and relatives.

Fire in the Outer Badui tribe settlement, Kadu Gede Village, Kaneko Village, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency, Banten, claimed two injured. The first victim suffered minor burns named Sana (60) and a faint victim named Jakam (65).

Mr. Sana was hit by a fire while putting out fires in his home. Likewise, Jakam inhaled too much fire smoke from fire to shortness of breath and faint.

“The one in the stretcher had wanted to put out the fire, he was not strong, was overheated, passed out, was short of breath. He was taken to the Ciboleger Health Center,” said Leuwidamar Sub-District Chief, Rosid, through his cellular connection on Thursday (09/12/2019).

The daytime fires occurred during the quiet village of men who were going to the fields to grow crops. Only the women left who guarded the house and cooked.

During the fire, the women shouted for help, until it was heard that men whose fields were not far from the location of the fire. As a result, there are only about five men who put out fires with makeshift tools, such as watering water to hit the fire with banana leaves or coconut leaves.

“In the end, it can’t be combined, there are only five people who extinguish it, not being chased right, the incident on the mountain, the wind was strong,” he explained.