I Run to The forest 2019 Invite You to Run While Preserving The Forest

I Run to The Forest 2019 themed event held at the Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Sunday (6/30) took place lively.

One of the urgent agenda of this work is the tree adoption program. Adoption of trees, in other words, donates as many funds to guard trees that have grown in the forest for decades. In addition to that, there is a fun run work which is running across the stadium as a participant symbol format for the preservation of trees and forests.

Co-founder of Hutan Itu Indonesia (HII) and Chief Executive of I Run to The Forest 2019, Rinawati Eko wrote that HII had a big dream so that everyone would like the forest as an Indonesian identity. Rinawati explained that I run into the forest is the program chosen to realize the dream, and the target is urban society.

I Run to The Forest 2019 tells anyone both runners and non-runners, young and old, to contribute directly to guarding Indonesia’s forests with easy techniques, namely running. The activity with hashtag #KuLariKeHutan invited all participants to run as far as five kilometers to adopt one tree in Indonesia’s forests.

Every participant who can take the five-kilometer track then will be converted to adopt one tree in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Adoption of forests is the movement of donating as much as funds to guard forests that are hundreds of years old.

“Why did you choose to run? Because when running on Sunday like CFD it has become a habit for urban communities, especially in Jakarta. And from here, you paste the message to guard the forest, “said Rina for High Field Foresty when she was visited at GBK, Central Jakarta, Sunday (6/30).

Rina added that the work gave up the challenge for runners to circle the trajectory of the GBK as a message symbol guarding the forest. The challenge of each runner traveling a distance of five kilometers or one round will be converted as the adoption of one tree to safeguard Indonesia’s forests. (Read more: Can We Restore Damaged Forest Ecosystems?)

“Participants were challenged to run five kilometers and convert the adoption of one tree. “The more distance traveled by the participants, the less number of trees that have been adopted to guard Indonesia’s forests,” she said.

In the day’s work, the farthest distance a participant can reach is 20 kilometers or four rounds, which are recorded by four runners. Aside from that, for participants who can take the first five kilometers, they will get an appreciation in the form of medals with basic ingredients of pallet waste and bracelets for each round.

For information, the Indonesian Forest (HII) is an uncovered movement created to transmit positive messages for the community to guard and protect Indonesia’s forests. At present, HII has support from 40 partners spread across Indonesia and 400 volunteers.