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UK Forestry Investment

Forestry as an investment is unique depending solely on physical growth for its projected financial returns.

  • Forestry in the UK is characterised by the following :-
  • Good growing conditions with a generally temperate moist climate.
  • Good rates of growth giving real returns of 2% to 3% above inflation*
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Spasmodic rather than regular income from timber sales
  • Freehold land ownership with a proven system of land tenure
  • Private sector ownership of 60% of the national forest
  • An efficient and well organised management industry
  • Heavy investment in timber processing
  • Stable political and financial environment
  • Favourable tax treatment that is neutral in effect**
  • Significant sporting opportunities including deer stalking

* See Investment Property Databank Forestry index and case studies.

** Commercial forestry in the UK is exempt from income and corporation tax.
Capital gains taxes do not apply to growing timber.
Inheritance tax is relieved at 100% after two years of ownership.
Government grants are received tax free.

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